Selective Classification Process

Selection Classification


Canastota Central School district has elected to participate in New York State’s Selection Classification program. This program is designed to create opportunities for exceptional 7th and 8th grade athletes to compete at the JV or Varsity level. The decision to selectively classify will be based on the following criterion: physical maturity, academic success, social readiness, exceptional athletic ability, and exceptional sports specific skills. This program is not intended to be used to fill spots on a roster. The athlete who participates in Selection Classification will need to follow the following process.


 Selection Classification Process


1) Request by parent, teacher, coach, or administrator prior to the following dates for each season:

Fall Season        June 13

Winter Season   October 30

Spring Season   March 2

Special Consideration is given in certain circumstances.

2) Screening Panel (Athletic Director, High School Principal, Coaches—V, JV, Modified, and Middle School Counselor) meeting to discuss candidates)

3) Parent Permission

4) Physical Screening

5) Coach Approval

6) Performance Testing (administered by one of the district PE teachers or the athletic director but never the potential coach of the athlete for that season)

7) If the aforementioned steps are all successfully completed, the athlete may try out to participate at the level deemed appropriate by the outcome of the performance testing and the coach’s judgment.

8) Notification of the decision will be provided to the parents and coaches.

9)  At least one-week prior to try out sessions, the coach will contact the nurses about students who will attend (high school student names to the high school nurse and middle school student names to the middle school nurse)

10)  Once teams are established coaches will send their final rosters to the Athletic Office

11)  Athletic Office will send final roster to the nurses