Student Receives Status in BAA Program

Student Receives Status in national Business Achievement Awards Program
Posted on 03/19/2019
Emily CaseCanastota Junior, Emily Case, was just notified by FBLA-PBL, Inc. that she has received status in the national Business Achievement Awards program. The Business Achievement Awards Program (BAA) is a high school leadership development program sponsored by FBLA-PBL at the national level. The co-curricular activities are aligned to the career clusters, NBEA standards, and FBLA goals. Students enhance their leadership skills, expand their business knowledge, contribute to their local communities, and earn recognition by immersing themselves in their school, community, and FBLA programs.

Chapter advisers direct students through each level, while students work at their own pace to independently complete projects. There are four levels of the BAA, with each level increasingly challenging high school students to expand their leadership skills and showcase their talents.

Out of a total roster of 3485 active New York State FBLA members, Emily is one of thirty-nine members to have achieved the first level (Future) of the BAA program. Congratulations, Emily!