Students Lead Suicide Prevention Initiative

Students Lead Suicide Prevention Initiative
Posted on 02/01/2019
Yellow Ribbon StudentsSophomores Amelia Dansby, Cierra Watkins, and Breannah Wagoner led a successful school-wide service and awareness initiative on suicide prevention awareness.

Through their health class, taught by Linda Bonczek, students learned about the high rate of mental illness among teens and the frequent link between mental health and suicide. One of the topics in the mental/emotional health unit included references and resources from the Yellow Ribbon Suicide Prevention Program, a national organization. Amelia, Cierra and Breannah printed, laminated and distributed that organization’s “Ask 4 Help” cards throughout the Junior/Senior High School to students, counselors, psychologists and nurses. They also placed cards in all restrooms. The cards encourage teens in crisis to seek out help.

The three students followed up the distribution with an email to all staff, informing them about the project and indicating what they should do if a student approached them with one of the Ask 4 Help cards.

“I am very proud of these students for advocating for the health of our community of students,” Mrs. Bonczek said. “It takes a great deal of maturity and caring.”