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March 3, 2019

Dear Canastota Families and Friends:

We have been extremely busy building the budget for this upcoming school year.  We will have a small budget increase while maintaining programs for children.    A budget newsletter will be going out in the spring detailing expenditures and revenues.     

The Comptroller's Office has been in the district conducting an audit of the school.  This is a process that takes place in all schools every 3-5 years to assist schools in implementing best practices.    Once we get our report, we will set goals for improvement setting for the 2019-2020 school year.

We have had contractors in at Peterboro School working on the fire alarm system as part of the Outlay Project that was approved last May.   Phase three of the Capital Project has been completed and we are working on closing out the project with SED.      At South Side Elementary we will be adding an additional door entry device to address student safety. 

Syracuse.com has published the following article this past week titled: The 53 worst-graded school districts in Upstate NY for 2019.  Canastota was one of the schools highlighted in this story.   This was not the news I wanted to see but it falls on the heels of the recent state notification that we are listed as a Targeted District by SED.    There is only one way out and that is to commit to every child, and everyone will need to be "All in for Excellence!".  

This new energy will require a different kind of commitment to get back that Raider Pride and push our students out front for success in life.  This isn't just about what children and parents need to do it is about what the staff, administration, BOE and Superintendent need to do as well!

ALL IN.....

  • Attendance- we must have all staff here every day to provide the best education
  • We need students here every day in classes to learn
  • Student support must come before after school meetings from 2:15-2:45 
  • We need to look at programs beyond the school day to give support to students 3:00-5:00
  • We must keep students in class- no more dropping out of courses...students need to know when things get tough, we commit to the cause not run...
  • We must believe students can and will achieve
  • The parking lots should be full after school and we should see teams of staff working with each other, families and with children.
  • We must strongly promote students taking assessments and helping all understand the importance of this data that should be used intentionally and pervasively! 
  • We need to not let negativity or any force pushing us away from educating our students get in the way of our mission!

Are you all in?     I am and I am here to support every effort and every good idea to move us to success under the standards!  I know we have a talented staff and caring families so let's pull together and get talking every day and every minute about student learning and successful practices.       Our focus is 100% graduation rate!   

We are asking that coaches, time keepers, security folks and athletic volunteers be BOE approved and complete paperwork for employment.   If you are interested in working in the district, please contact Chrissy Palamara for an application packet.  I thank everyone in advance for helping us get into compliance with procedures that ensure student safety.   

It has been a great four months!  Thank you all for being so open and honest with me so we can move the district forward in positive ways!
  Please remember school is in session all day on Friday, March 15th.


Dr. Kathleen Davis

Interim Superintendent

Posted by cclancy  On Mar 03, 2019 at 7:33 PM
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