Tucked in Tuesdays

Tucked in Tuesdays at SSES
Posted on 09/16/2019
School is just starting up, but students and families in the district may already recognize the district’s newest principal, thanks to the bedtime story video series he launched this summer over social media.

SSES Principal Rob Taube kicked off his Tucked In Tuesdays series on July 30 by livestreaming himself, clad in pajamas, reading [what book] over Facebook. Each Tuesday evening, Mr. Taube selected a different book, put a different outfit, and read to children and parents at 7:30 p.m. As the weeks went by, his audience grew and his posts started receiving comments from viewers.

“I kind of started it in the dark. It’s the summer, people don’t really know me, but I figured I’d try it out,” he said.

Mr. Taube said the lighthearted initiative – for one installment, he wore a swim cap and goggles to read a book about fish – ties into all three of major goals he has set for his first year as principal. He wants to increase literacy achievement, increase positive school culture, and increase parent engagement.

SSES also had a summer reading initiative that allowed students to earn small prizes for the books they read in July and August. Although a separate effort, Mr. Taube said both the video series and summer reading incentive are part of the same overarching goals.

“It’s really about building a culture of literacy and a love for books in the home and modeling the idea that learning can happen anytime,” he said. “Using Facebook really hits all three of our building goals and helps extend the school day.”

Mr. Taube hopes to continue Tucked In Tuesdays this fall and grow its viewership.