CCSD is Officially Connected!

CCSD is officially connected!
Posted on 05/09/2022
Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

The Canastota Central School District is officially connected!

The district hosted a ribbon-cutting ceremony this morning to formally announce its new partnership with Connected Community Schools, a Rome-based organization that supports students and families by linking them with resources and local agencies.

“Being a partner with Connected Community Schools means that we now have the opportunity more than ever to give our students and our families a sense of hope. Hope that some of the challenges they’re facing are not insurmountable challenges,” Superintendent Shawn Bissetta said. “CCS is a huge part of our attempt to say, you know what, we’re going to eliminate, as best we can, these distractors, these barriers to learning.”

Canastota’s CCS Site Coordinators Reenie Dailey and Kate Frymoyer have already been working in the district for several weeks, setting up a school hub in the JSHS that is available to all students in grades 4-12. The site coordinators and Program Manager Deborah Hirsch utilize an extensive network of businesses, agencies and community partners to provide resources that can to help students overcome personal obstacles, such as housing and food insecurity, medical and dental issues, and mental health needs. CCS also provides classroom programming and family engagement activities.

Students, staff, administrators and community members attended the ribbon-cutting, where they heard from Bissetta, Board President Loran Crosby, CHS senior Ryan Aumell, educational consultant Otis Jennings, CCS Executive Director Melissa Roys and CCS Vice President of Integrated Children’s Services Danielle Martin. Band teacher Steve Button led a brass ensemble in two short pieces for the ceremony entertainment, and sophomore Connor Russell donned the CCS koala mascot outfit for the event.

Martin said she was honored to be invited into the Canastota community to help students succeed. She stressed that CCS is a collaborative agency that works to bring the entire community together to help students succeed.

“We don’t do this alone. This is not our initiative, this is not our connected school – it’s ours, all of ours. We do this all together, to do the work that we do and to have fun and to create a new school,” she said. “We’re not just a program. We’re creating a connected school.”