PSES and SSES Students Show Kindness

PSES and SSES Students Show Kindness
Posted on 12/02/2021

Students at South Side and Peterboro elementary schools spent November demonstrating just how kind they can be.

Through the Raider Acts of Kindness initiative, staff are recognizing students for the creating a more positive school environment. Principals challenged their students to complete 10 kind acts in the three weeks before Thanksgiving recess and earn signatures on a special RAOK punchcard. Anyone who filled at least one card was eligible for a prize drawing.

“It’s about recognizing kids for doing small, helpful, everyday good deeds that they do naturally, but pointing them out, with the hope that it would continue to spread,” SSES Principal Vanessa McClowry said. “I think the kids are excited about it, they’re engaged, they’re proud of themselves, they’re proud of each other.”

Students have been spotted picking up pencils, tying each other’s shoes, inviting others to play, holding doors for each other, and sharing toys. Social Worker Amelia Berezein said she has seen students using their manners more and taking a greater interest in their classmates’ well-being.

Berezein said social emotional learning has been integrated into the curriculum for grades 2 and 3 this year, allowing her and Social Worker Rachel DiGeorge to meet weekly with all students in whole-class groups. This has helped reinforce positive behavior skills and address social needs that may arise from conversations.

“I’ve notice they are showing that they care about each other a little bit more,” Berezein said. “This kindness helps to promote their social being – interacting with each other, showing that they know these skills, improving on these skills, so that when they are in the community or at home, they’ll use these skills.”

Second grader Carson said he was excited to complete his first card of 10 kind acts and went straight to the office to turn it in. He’s now on to his second card.

Second grader Ava said she enjoys completing her own acts but also celebrating the kindness of her peers, including two classmates in Ms. Scheftic’s class who completed their cards.

“I’ve been very happy for them and very proud of my class and my teacher and who my classmates are,” she said.