RSES Exploration Space

RSES Students Enjoy New Exploration Space
Posted on 02/26/2020
RSES students are loving their new Exploration Space, a makerspace and STEAM lab that opened in the fall as part of an ongoing district initiative to increase hands-on learning opportunities for all students.

The Exploration Space is full of a rotating mix of STEAM-based activities, like robotics, coding, building structures, electrical circuitry and chemistry experiments. Students are able to choose their own activities from nine stations, sometimes choosing more than one during their half-hour block.

“We change the stations a lot more here than at the other elementary schools because this age group does better when things are fresh,” said librarian and makerspace coordinator Tracy Mammone. “We give them the freedom to move around and choose their work, and they really love it.”

By now, Mammone is a veteran of the school makerspace. Two years ago, she launched a makerspace at SSES, and last year she opened PSES’s Imagination Space. In both cases, she applied for grants to purchase materials, worked with administrators on physical space and coordinated with teachers on schedules.

RSES was no different. She received a $500 grant from Rome Teachers Federal Credit Union for materials, and a local business also donated materials. She uses the media library from MOBOCES to cycle through different science kits and other materials so students see a broad range of activities within the STEAM arena. Sometimes students work with Mammone or their own classroom teacher on a particular activity, but often times, they work on their own.

“It’s exciting to see the kids working through these experiments and challenges,” she said. “They get very into it.”

Exploration Space Exploration Space