Interim Superintendent of Schools

Dr. Kathleen M. Davis

Dr. Kathleen M. DavisThe true challenge of districts is to reach all children and provide them with the best possible programming to prepare them for life. I see myself as a facilitator to bring together constituents to improve the teaching and learning process by having all parties focused on shared goals. While I am at Canastota I want to connect with parents, students, staff and administrators so we can do what is best for children.

Over the past nine years, we have had the challenge of implementing the New Learning Standards and Assessments and now the Next Generation Standards. The goal has been to raise student performance and achievement. The mission has led us to focus on aligning the curriculum, mapping it, training staff and progress monitoring students using a variety of methods. Our efforts moving forward will include a great deal of communication with parents, teachers, community and administration.

Changes and new mandates have led us to regional and statewide collaboration. Due to shifts in standards and assessments we have updated our Professional Development Plan and our District Advisory Team Action Plan. Our plans include training focused on research- based strategies to address student performance and achievement. Each principal has developed building based improvement plans in collaboration with building teams that speak to the unique needs of the children and culture of their buildings. Additionally, our District Instructional Technology Plan includes provisions to support and enrich our students’ learning experiences.

The need for intervention continues to be an area critical to the success of students. To address academic intervention needs we will engage in data analysis, cooperative teaching, inclusive programming, and implementation of a tiered response to interventions. The need to progress monitor our students to ensure their continued success is essential so we may adjust instruction and meet the diverse needs of our learners.

The continued focus needs to be on the whole child. We will partner with BOCES to provide support services to students where needed. The district will continue to support an SRO, after school programs, counseling, support services, anti-bullying training, and PBIS to help with this goal.

It has been my passion to work with children and I am committed to Canastota students and will advocate for their success this school year.